6 ways to easily interact with your audience online

Creating interactive posts can help your brand stand out from other forms of content that are pushed into the overcrowded social world. When a business is interactive with their audience, it shows effort and thought within their posts, creating a fun and entertaining avenue of promotion. Here are some great examples of interactive posts.

1. Digital catalogues

An effective way to showcase your products online is through an interactive digital catalogue, involving flip pages and clickable product links.

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2. Polls

The best platform for this is Facebook. Facebook allows you to start a poll with your audience, allowing them to interact with the simple click of a button. Facebook also pushes out this type of content to a further reach of people, compared to a standard image post.

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3. Quizzes

This sort of content is best for a business offering a service as the audience can be quizzed on the business’ area of expertise, forcing the realisation of how little they know. In turn, persuading them to use their service.


4. Facebook 360 degree

A tool on Facebook that allows a live screen of your environment, with the user shifting their phone left and right to view the surroundings. From a promotion perspective, it’s ideal for event marketing, however you can also have the audience engage with a graphic for sales, discounts and another news.

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5. Ignite discussions

Pick a controversial topic and discuss the two sides of the issue. For example, think about Heineken’s “Worlds Apart” advertisement. The brand asked a pair of strangers to sit down and discuss their differences on a particular topic. The outcome was not just entertaining, but extremely surprising and interesting. This creates talk amongst your audience.

Photo credit: Heineken (YouTube)

6. Sponsored posts

Depending on your internal marketing budget, sponsored posts are a great way to reach a wider audience that may never have seen or heard of your brand previously. There are many different approaches to a sponsored post and depending on what your message and call-to-action is, depends on your interactive option. For a great read on sponsored social media, visit this blog by MailChimp.



–Jordyn Martino

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