“APR are a nimble agency with people based in house and are very efficient from a time and cost management perspective.”

What APR Creative brings to Fonterra

  • An APR account manager onsite to direct creative and digital needs.
  • Packaging expertise that comes from intimately knowing the brand by being immersed in the Fonterra team.
  • The technical expertise of understanding the products.

Fonterra and APR Creative have worked together for more than a decade with APR initially providing project based creative and rollout services for Fonterra. 11 years ago, they collaborated with Fonterra’s then Marketing Director and his leadership team to create APR’s unique business model, now known as ArtSmart. ArtSmart was created in order to solve a number of issues Fonterra were experiencing with artwork production and multiple suppliers. Since then, Fonterra have grown the service to also include their Milk Supply, Foodservice and Corporate Communications department needs. Four years ago, APR expanded into providing dedicated digital development and support.

ArtSmart delivers all of Fonterra’s day to day marketing artwork requirements. This includes managing brand assets, packaging rollouts, creating POS items, catalogue adverts and taking above the line campaigns from Fonterra’s lead strategic agencies and rolling out across other collateral. Our ArtSmart Digital Manager delivers front-end web design, content management, digital advertising and site maintenance. The ArtSmart service enables efficient artwork and digital execution and fast turnaround times.

Michelle Scalzi (Group Manager, Marketing Services) says, “APR are a nimble agency with people based in house and are very efficient from a time and cost management perspective. We get our Strategic Agency to develop a master and then ArtSmart roll it out to drive time and cost efficiencies. It’s the same with digital – having a digital resource based here in Fonterra means it’s very quick to get changes made.”

“One of the main benefits is APR’s packaging expertise. Having the team based at our offices and involving them in everything we do means we can take them along the whole journey of packaging development. They are involved at the start and provide input and expertise.”

“The involvement of Tessa and Raewyn as the Directors of the business is great. They are very close to what is going on and are always available. If there are any issues they are happy pick up the phone to resolve it straight away. They have their fingers on the pulse which is very positive.”

“ArtSmart is a low-cost model that supports Fonterra’s overarching strategy and it is perfect for the high volume of work that the company has to turn around, often within tight timeframes. APR are very responsive under the ArtSmart model because they’re onsite and able to build relationships with the team at Fonterra and get to intimately know the business.

“APR’s hands-on approach and ability to engage directly in the daily running of Fonterra’s business has nurtured a solid and long-lasting relationship that has benefited both companies.

“Lead times are adhered to, very reliably, and APR manage the timelines with great communications and feedback. We provide feedback and they take that on board and get it done.”