Step back and get ahead of the game

In our daily race against our competitors, trying to keep up with ever changing customer behaviours and expectations, how do we know that we are still running in the right direction?

Stop and have a look around! Where are you standing right now?

The reality for many companies is that our marketing activities are largely based on assumptions. We re-apply the things that have worked for us in the past, assuming that our customers’ needs and behaviors are still the same. Sometimes we even adopt our competitors’ approach because we assume it is working for them. But are we actually hitting the mark? Is our service or product still living up to our customers’ expectations? Are customers reacting to our call to action?

Taking a step back offers a new perspective

Stepping out of the race for a minute, allows us to re-assess what our customer’s needs are – today. It also gives us an idea of how far off we are from meeting those needs with our service offering.

Our client Kingswim, a learn to swim school for kids, faced this very challenge and they decided to re-evaluate their customers’ needs to improve the targeting of their marketing activities.

If you want to know what the consumer thinks, ask the consumer!

It seems like a logical step but companies often dismiss this opportunity, as they feel they know their customers, based on their experience in the industry.

Kingswim conducted targeted consumer research, using the findings to create their ideal client profiles. They were then able to refine their communication to better talk to their customers’ needs. But there was more.

Be prepared to take it a step further

When you start asking questions you may get answers you were not expecting.

When Kingswim conducted their customer research they were looking for ways to improve their communication. But the research also revealed opportunities to improve their service delivery on an operational level.

Research-based strategy is more likely to deliver results

Since rolling out their new marketing strategy and operational improvements, Kingswim have seen a marked increase in enrolments and identified other exciting business growth opportunities along the way.

If you feel your business is struggling to keep up, maybe your next step should be a step back.

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